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Wedding Registry 101

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I always get this question, do we have to create a wedding registry? The answer is always YES! Whether you decide to set-up a wedding registry that allows you to donate to your favorite charity, or your setting up a honeymoon fund, or a wedding registry filled with items for your new life together, a wedding registry is always a must.  Some guests really need guidance on what to gift you with on your Wedding Day.

Reasons Guests like to have a Wedding Registry to refer to are:

  1.  Not having an idea of what you would like can cause some anxiety. 
  2. You may  have a few celebrations before the wedding, like an engagement party or  the Bridal Shower, and people like to pick from your Wedding Registry for their gift. 
  3. If your wedding is destination, having a Wedding Registry allows guests to pick a gift before your wedding and have it shipped to your home so they don’t have to bring anything on the plane.

I have created a Wedding Registry list of items that you can add to your registry. These are also items that no matter who you are, you will actually use in your life together!

Wedding Registry Kitchen Essentials

KitchenAid Mixer – I feel like this is on every cooks list.  This is one of the best gifts you can get and will last you forever! Even if you’re not an avid baker, it’s so user friendly you can use it for anything.  I use mine to whip up mashed potatoes in a flash.

Food Processor- This is one kitchen gadget I use more than I ever thought You can whip up salsa fresca in a flash, pie dough, or chop onions and not make your eyes water, that’s a win win to me! 

Le Creuset Dutch Oven- A dutch oven is good for every kitchen to have.  You can cook stews, soups, pastas and much more! I use mine at least once a week and if you are limited on space the nice thing is they look amazing sitting on your oven even when they aren’t in use! 

Double Walled Coffee Cup- These will make every daily cup of coffee feel super chic! 

Wedding Registry Home Gadgets

Dyson Cordless Vacuum- Best vacuum invented, super light, has lots of attachments for any job, and with it being cordless it’s easy to go from room to room, or to clean up spills.

Wedding Registry Home Goods

Bar Kit – Everyone should have a bar kit in their homes, you really don’t realize how often you’ll use one until you have it.

Frames- Once you get your wedding photos back you’re going to want to have photos all around you.  Some of the best wedding registry gifts to receive are frames to put those photos in.

Four Seasons Sheets & Pillows – This sheet set is one of my favorites, you will feel like you’re sinking into your bed every night with this sheet set. They are plush and breathable all at the same time! 

Coffee Table Books- Coffee Table books are so fun to look at, and really make a new home feel really lived in.  You can use them to style a coffee table, or to style a shelf. They are also great conversation starters.

Candles- Register for 1 or 2 candles, they last for months and will make your new home together smell amazing! Here are my two favorite scents from my favorite Candle maker

Let us know if you need help putting together the perfect Wedding Registry we are always here to help! Just email us at or visit our contact page.






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