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Quarantine Wedding Planning: Bridal Skincare

April 8, 2020

One of the best things I ever did before my own wedding was getting on a bridal skincare regimen.  I was lucky my dermatologist at the time also had a skin clinic and was able to get the right treatments for my skin type. I started on a monthly facial regimen and  I have never looked back.

Fast forward to this year and I finally found my skin goddess in Los Angeles! Nari Colon (aka @theskinsaver) I found Nari by luck, I have been a huge fan of Shani Darden for years, if you’re a beauty enthusiast like me you know who Shani is,  it’s impossible to get an appointment with her, but she recently opened a skin studio in Beverly Hills. (Which is more of a skin sanctuary than a studio if you ask me). I decided to make an appointment with one of the Estheticians to get the signature Shani Darden Facial, and I am so thankful I did! I met my skin soul sista Nari! From the moment I met her she made me feel comfortable to ask questions and I didn’t worry about what she was putting on my skin. Nari is the  kindest soul and so passionate about her clients and her work, I swear my skin has never looked better!

After my second trip, my husband said, “I don’t know what you’re doing to your skin, but keep doing it!” Nari put me on a regimen that is so simple but makes me feel like I am going to a spa every morning and night. While we are all in quarantine and my Brides are asking me more and more of what they can do while at home to Wedding Prep, one of the easiest and fun ways to prep is by starting a foundation for a bridal glow! So I reached out to Nari and she was kind enough to give me 4 tips to share with all of you.

The advice is for anyone wanting that bridal glow. Nari’s tips can help you prep and take care of stressed out skin during planning and quarantine.  There is no better time than now to take a little extra care of your skin.

4 Tips For Bridal Skincare from Nari:

Nari Colon -Luxury Skincare Esthetician
Nari Colon – Luxury Skincare Esthetician 
  • TIP 1: It’s very important to maintain a proper routine, especially during stressful times,  with high quality products that are specific to your skin type and needs. You should always try to follow an AM/PM regime that is simple yet effective.
  • TIP 2: The best way to achieve smooth and glowing skin is to exfoliate regularly. Usually 2-3x a week at night, and preferably with a chemical as opposed to a physical exfoliant. I personally love the Dr .Dennis Gross Peel pads which help to shed dead cells, brighten your skin and retexturize. Using a Retinol is also beneficial, as it helps to speed up cellular turnover, lighten pigmentation, and diminish fine lines & wrinkles. I recommend Retinol Reform from Shani Darden.
  • TIP 3: Try and stay hydrated with ample water intake. However, a little TLC also goes a long way. Give you skin extra attention by incorporating a soothing mask treatment. I recommend the Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Acid Marine mask, which is super brightening, plumping and hydrating! It’s a perfect pick me up for dull complexions and stressed skin. For breakout prone skin, try the Cosmedix Deep Cleansing Mask This helps to purify and detoxify oily skin and improve congestion.
  • TIP 4: Find an experienced Esthetician, one that comes highly recommended,  at least a month or two before your big day. You may require months more in advance, depending on the condition of your skin. He or  she can help address your skincare needs, and guide you in the right direction so that you are prepped and ready for your big day with beautiful glowing skin!

I really hope these tips help you to keep your skin on the right track during this stressful time! You can now get a lot of the products Nari suggests on Sephora, and a little birdie told me that the annual Sephora sale was happening in April sometime. No better time than now to stock up and have an at home spa day!

A few of my favorites that Nari has me use in my daily regimen are:

  1. Shani Dardne Cleansing SerumThis is the best facewash I have ever used, it foams up perfectly, and smells clean and fresh without having any fragrance. 
  2. Shani Darden Weightless Oil Free Moisturizer This is my favorite moisturizer of all time.  What I love is a little goes a long way! 
  3.  Dr.Dennis Gross Peel pads These I use every other day and I love them, it’s like a mini little facial and my skin is noticeably more glowy (is that a word) after I use them. 

These tips don’t take the place of finding a esthetician that you love and trust, but when you find a good one the difference in your complexion is undeniable. If you’re in the Los Angeles area I highly recommend making an appointment at Shani Darden Spa in Beverly Hills. During quarantine you can book a virtual consultation with Nari  by e-mailing vc@shanidarden.com, belive me you won’t be disappointed!

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