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Our Secret Sauce is to plan our weddings in blocks and by months, when you get your proposal you will get a break down of the planning months and what aspects of your wedding we will work on and when. This keeps you from getting overwhelmed and allows us to get back to you in a timely manner. Win-Win for everyone! 

01. How is the planning process broken down, I really need something easy because I am totally over this planning thing!?

Even though you will get just me during the planning process a few weeks before your wedding you will meet the rest of the VAE team (and you will LOVE them), depending on the number of people at your wedding will determine the number of assistans on site the day of.

02. How many people are on your team for the Wedding Day?

I’ve got it covered, working in the Luxury Hotel Wedding Business for so long I was fortunate to experience all types of cultures, traditions, and religions! I guarantee you I have seen and done it all

03. Do you have experience with all types of weddings?

If we had it our way, we would take on endless weddings throughout the year. Instead, though, we take only 10. There is nothing we value above flawless customer service, so while we plan the biggest celebration of our couples' lives, we give them our full, undivided attention. 

04. How Many Weddings do you Book A year?