High-touch wedding planning & design
for couples who love the high life—but live for the moments money can’t buy


Growing up, my mother had a dinner party for just about everything. She would make name cards, put out her best china, let me help her pick flowers, and, of course, cook something spectacular. She taught me, “Presentation is everything.” The attention to detail, organization, and joy that gives me my knack for event planning is in my blood (because, truly, ‘I got it from my Mama’). My whole life, I’ve always had a passion for great experiences, and I’ve also been told I throw a really eff-ing fun party. So, after years of working in high-end hospitality, I started my own business to plan events—for real. 

What attracts clients to me is my meticulous attention to detail, my ability to understand their vision, and my composure under pressure. The most rewarding part? The relationships I build with them, working together to bring their dreams to life while ensuring the journey is enjoyable.

Thanks for learning a little bit about me; I look forward to learning a little bit about you!