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Hey there, I’m Victoria!

Most Days you can find me in front of my computer creating design boards or timelines and epic To-Do Lists, getting a snuggle in with my rescue pup, or having a dance party in my car on my way to a meeting.  I am mostly known for my positive attitude and love for life and others. People often refer to me as a ball of sunshine and energy. Hence why I can keep up with the demands of wedding planning and the wedding day! I love serving the world by brining love to everything I do. The things I am most passionate about in life are my family, my puppy and my amazing friends.

I love working with people who are wrapped up in love after deciding to spend the rest of their lives together. Helping couples who are a looking for a planner that they can trust to bring their vision to life. I work with couples who are totally into making sure their wedding day is as much fun for their guests as it is for them! Allowing us to step up the fun and WOW factor translating their experience and day into a seamless day with love and tons of fun.

I am lucky enough to walk through the wedding planning process with the best couples around.  Couples who want a Wedding Day Filled with beauty, personal touches, love, and  a BIG PARTY.

As a Wedding Planner I’ve been featured in InStyle.com and GQ.com highlighting my work and wedding planning advice.

When I am not busy working on a wedding you can catch me making the sixth trip to HomeGoods in a week, yes I can’t get enough, brunching with my girlfriends, or cooking up something delicious for my husband.

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me

  1. 1. I was the social chair for my sorority my freshman year, I guess they could already see my party planning skills J

2. I am only 5ft but I was the goalie for my Middle School Lacrosse Team.

3. I LOVE to bake.

4. If I wasn’t planning weddings, I would have gone back to school for criminal justice and become an detective.

5. Beyonce is the Queen in my eyes.

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About Victoria Ann Events

We love Weddings at Victoria Ann Events. Our team’s number one goal is to
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our first meeting.  Our process allows us to infuse the personality of our
couples into every moment of “The Big Day!”

We specialize in Luxury Hotel Weddings.  After years of experience in the
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We can’t wait to chat about your Big Day!

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