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Quarantine Wedding Planning: Postponing Your Wedding?

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Covid-19 postponing your wedding day tips
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A little over 2 weeks ago I was having a planning weekend with one of my Spring Couples.  We ran around all weekend, going to their venue for a walkthrough, finalizing their floor plan, tastings, and a visit to the stationery designer.  As we left that weekend and we were all so excited for all that was to come, no one could have expected the challenges on the horizon. It became clear to me Covid-19 was a serious problem and the reality started to sink in that we needed to come up with a real PLAN B, not only for them, but for all my Spring Weddings.  

I got on the phone and called all of my couples and walked them through all of their options, and what we could do, started to round up their vendors on what new potential wedding dates we were looking at and make sure everyone was available. It was a strange feeling, and something I have never experienced.  This is the first time in my career everyone was learning together and rolling with the punches. One of the most amazing things about this industry is how well we all come together to make all of our couples dreams come true and are creating new dreams. I have been blown away by the kindness vendors have extended and the understanding that none of this could be prevented.

I am lucky enough to work with some of the kindest, most understanding couples.  Having their trust has allowed us to create new plans that will still give them their dream day.  Maybe not on the same date, but we can still create the same feel. Some of my couples feared that even though they were postoping there would be a black cloud over their wedding day.  I want to assure not only my couples, but all couples dealing with this predicament. When your Wedding Day does finally happen, there will be no black could over your wedding day! When we are all allowed to be together again believe me we will all need something to celebrate and be together! I would argue the weddings in the next year and half will be some of the most fun and celebrated Weddings EVER!

If you are postponing your wedding here are a few tips to make the process a little bit easier you:

  1. Stay calm, easier said than done, but your wedding will happen, and it will be amazing! Have faith in your wedding planner and wedding vendors. Ask as many questions you need to. It’s ok to take a breather if you need it to wrap your head around all of your changes. 
  2. Look at a calendar and come up with at least 3-4 dates that would work for you and your fiance to move your wedding to. Be open to Sundays, and even weekdays if you can be.  I am here to tell you Sunday and Weekday Weddings are still as magical and amazing as weekend weddings. People will come and have the time of their lives! 
  3. If you don’t have a wedding planner, reach out to all of your vendors and share the dates you have come up with and see who is available.  Rate your vendors on who is the most important not to replace if push comes to shove and not everyone is available. 
  4. If you don’t have a wedding planner lean on your vendors to recommend other vendors that might be available.. Typically wedding vendors have friends in their same concentration that are usually the same style so you don’t have to go all the way back to the drawing board.
  5. If you already have your invitations and they are printed with your original date. Don’t panic, you can still send them out with an insert that gives the new date, another easy thing to do is update your wedding date on your website with a little blurb about how excited you are to celebrate with everyone. Your stationery designer will be able to help you navigate how to create this new “details” card. 
  6. If your invites were already sent out and people have already started to RSVP, the easiest way to communicate your new wedding date is through your wedding website or through a an e-invite Paperless post has some great postponement options, which makes it really easy and allows people to re-RSVP for the new date.
  7. Look at the silver lining, that you have even more time to prepare for your epic wedding day, maybe add a new design element that you can make while in quarantine, or work on a show stopping first dance!

Over the next few days, I am going to give you some fun tips on how you can continue planning your wedding and continue Wedding Prep while we are all  in quarantine.

If you need help, please feel free to reach out to me, this is an unprecedented time and I am here to help in anyway I can!






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