You’re engaged. You deserve to enjoy it. (Crazy idea, I know.)

I’m here to streamline and simplify every single step that lies between “We’re engaged!” and “That was thee best wedding ever!”. My signature full-service planning process is organized, efficient, and designed to ensure you enjoy the exciting parts of planning, without ever losing sleep over late RSVPs or surprise setbacks. Cue the cake tasting, bring on the bold ideas, and breathe a sigh of sweet relief. Your epic affair awaits.

"Everyone is texting me asking, who is our bad a** wedding planner"- Christine V.

You have creative ideas and a crazy schedule. You need a wedding planner who understands both.

Working as an acclaimed celebrity wedding planner for music executives and industry talent means I understand the distinct nuances of planning an event for high-end clientele—from the need for security and the importance of privacy to how to best work with demanding schedules. I love a good creative challenge (the bigger the vision, the better), am endlessly respectful of your time and energy, and always work to exceed expectations, no matter how high. Because you came to slay (and so did I).

The Process

You’ve heard other people stress out about planning their wedding. But you’re not other people.


Call us, Email us, or use the contact form! Give us some brief information and we can schedule your consultation. 

MEET FOR Margaritas 

Let’s chat over Margaritas and you can let me know all about you as a couple and your vision for your wedding! 


We realize not all weddings are the same and customization is key to meet all of your needs. We will create a customized proposal to bring your special day to life.


I know, yuck we have to get the un-fun business out of the way, set up your payment plan and do some housekeeping. Then we are off to the planning races ! 

Custom Planning Plan

Now we get to the fun stuff, you will be introduced to our custom planning process, task management program, and the best part, your wedding day design plan.

My goal is to offer you a wedding-planning experience unlike any other—one that’s not synonymous with stress. From vendor contract management to perfecting every last guest touch-point, I’m here to sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to. I’ll help you hone your vision, curate a creative team that’s an ideal fit for your personality and event goals, and keep things organized (and fun!) along the way.

Treating your time like the hot commodity it is.

With meeting dates set in advance and clear communication along the way—my process is designed to make the best use of your time and ensure you always know what to expect next. Regardless of your needs, worries, or wishes, I am with you every step of the way...until you go on your honeymoon (then you’re on your own).

Ready for a wedding you’ll fall crazy-in-love with?

If you want a wedding that’s boring, bland, and copy-and-pasted from Pinterest, call Becky with the good hair. If you want something meaningful and memorable, call me.



Wedding Design  is for the couple who has all of the logistics of their wedding set- Venue, Budget, Catering, Photography ect. and still wants the Victoria Ann Events Signature Wedding Design 

We create a full Wedding Design, and curate high-touch guest experiences, and the sourcing of all specialty rentals and creative vendors that can bring the design vision to life.

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Styled Shoots

This might be one of my favorite things! Let's collaborate and let our creativity take the front seat. 


Want to Collaborate on a special project? Count me in! Contact me today, I am always looking for other creatives to collaborate with.