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12 Days of Wedding Engagement: Day 2

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This is where everyone should start their planning! You wouldn’t believe how many people start planning without a guest list and that’s one of the most important things for you to have! Reach out to your parents or whoever you are planning to also be able to contribute to the guest list and ask them to send their list over so you can compare to yours.  Once you do that you can pare down! Once you have a guest list you can now figure out what venues will or won’t work, what your budget will be and much more!

5 Foolproof Steps to Creating your Guest List

  1. Create a Spreadsheet for your guest list you can do this in Excel, or  Google Sheets.
  2. Gather names from your parents and fiance.
  3. Put all of the names you have gathered in the spreadsheet you have created. (Pro Tip: Put every name you can think of we call this the Dream List)
  4. Now it’s time to edit. Here are some simple rules to follow to keep your list down.
    • If you or your fiance have never heard of the person don’t invite them.
    • If you haven’t spoken to them in more than three years, (and not family), you can take them off the list.
    • If your list is getting out of hand with children, make your wedding a No Children Wedding.
    • Don’t include plus ones for your friends who are not in a committed relationship. 
  5.  Now for the Secrete Sauce, Create an A & B List:

A List 

People who are truly special to you, if they weren’t at your wedding the day wouldn’t be complete.

  • Anyone that needs to be invited per your parents (within reason) ie: aunts, uncles, first cousins 

B List 

  • People you would love to invite, if someone from the A list can’t come.

This will keep your numbers at a comfortable number.






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