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12 Days of Wedding Engagement: DAY 1

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First things First! Celebrate your engagement! Couples do not do this enough, and honestly I wish we would bring back the engagement period of weddings. When couples reach out to me, I always ask, have you celebrated?! This can look different to everyone but here are 3 ways to celebrate the most exciting time of your life!

Book a Couples Massage

Listen, your fiance is STRESSED! Think about all the money they just spent on your ring, all of the time and effort they put into creating the perfect proposal, keeping a secret! Having to ask your parents!! I mean com’on! Talk about STRESS, I think a couples massages is definitely in order! 

Have a party

This is what I would do, have a really fun, simple party! I’m talking amazing charcuterie boards, wine, champagne, your favorite apps and an amazing playlist! That’s all you really need! It doesn’t have to be fancy, it can be at home but invite your closest friends and family over and have fun! Show off your ring and bask in all the excitement! 

Have a Date Night

Go to the place you had your first date and enjoy reminiscing on how far the two of you have come! This is so much fun, and can also be so funny to think about where the two of you first met to now!






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