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The art of setting a table is something I hold dear to my heart! Whether we are having chinese take-out, or I cooked a 4 course meal, I am always quick to pull out candles, fun napkins, and my best China. I guess it’s the planner in me, or the saying embedded in my head since I was young, “presentation is everything!” One thing that will always elevate your table, is a fun napkin fold! So I am sharing some of my favorite napkin folds for your Easter table! 

Napkin Ring

The first napkin fold idea, is one of my favorites, and easy! Take a linen napkin, or a fun paper napkin and add a napkin ring! I have too many napkin rings to count, but they always remind me of special dinners at my grandmas house. All you have to do is roll your napkin and pop on a napkin ring, Ta Da! You’re done! 

Knot Napkin Fold

Second favorite, and elevates any table is the knot fold! This fold is really easy to do, we use this fold a lot in weddings because it always looks good and you can manipulate this fold to follow the shape of the plate if you want it to have a more elevated look. 

Steps to the knot Fold: 

  1. Fold the napkin diagonally 
  2. Fold the napkin from the long side, and then keep folding. 
  3. Keep folding until you have a long strip.
  4. Finally tie the napkin in the middle and adjust your knot to make it picture perfect. 

Angled Pocket Napkin Fold

hird napkin fold, will make you look like a rockstar and it’s called the angled pocket fold. This fold is great if you want to put your flatware in the napkin, or a flower, or even a menu. I love using this fold for a more formal dinner.

Steps to The angled pocket Napkin Fold:

  1. Fold a square dinner napkin in half, then in quarters.
  2. Fold the open corner’s top layer to meet the opposite corner. 
  3. Turn over the napkin, fold it into thirds, and turn it back over.
  4. Tuck your polished cutlery into the pocket. Add a place card or printed menu, if desired.

Folding napkins is one way you can elevate a table at no cost, it is also one way I love to add a little design element to all of our weddings that our couples don’t have to pay for! Win-Win! If you’re looking for more tips feel free to reach out to us, or if you’re looking for us to design your wedding day reach out to us! 






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